Preparing Your Nervous Dog For Boarding

All dogs have their own temperaments. For those dogs with a laidback approach to life, boarding is easy, but for those dogs with a more nervous or anxious personality, boarding can be quite a challenge. However, there is a way around this struggle. Learn about some of the things you can do to make boarding your nervous dog easier. Set Aside Kennel Time One thing that can always soothe a nervous and anxious animal is a feeling of normalcy.

3 Great Tips To Remember When Choosing A Professional Dog Groomer

If you have a dog with long hair, you’ll probably need to take them to get groomed at some point. There are a lot of options as far as professional grooming goes today. So that you select the right groomer with ease, remember these tips.  Tour the Salon  There are a lot of important details you can learn by researching a dog grooming facility online. However, to really get a sense of what this grooming experience will be like, you should ask to tour their facility.

6 Things Your Pet Boarding Facility Should Be Telling You

Does your pet get a “report card” when you get them back? The best pet boarding facilities are going to fill you in on your pet’s stay; after all, there may be information that you need to know. Here are some of the things that you should expect to see on your pet’s next report.  1. How Your Pet Ate  How fast did your pet eat? How much did they eat?

4 Ways to Take Care of Your New Cat

If you just got your first cat, make sure that you know how to take proper care of your cat. You need to make sure that you groom your cat, give your cat a scratching post, provide them with lots of clean litter boxes and always make sure that your cat has access to fresh water all the time. #1 Groom Your Cat You need to make sure that you help take care of your cat’s grooming needs.

3 Ways To Prepare Your Dog For A Stay At A Pet Boarding Facility

One of the hardest things for many pet owners to do is leave their dog at a pet boarding facility whenever they need to take a trip, mostly because many people are very protective of their dogs and want to make sure that their dogs are as comfortable and as safe as possible at all times. Listed below are three ways to prepare your dog for a stay at a pet boarding facility that will ensure that your dog is comfortable as possible.

The Benefits Of Grooming Your Dog

You do not want to make the mistake of assuming that you do not have to spend any real time grooming your dog. By understanding just how it is truly beneficial, you will be less likely to miss out on getting it done. Helps To Relax Your Pet It is important to help your dog stay as relaxed as possible. This will not only ensure that your pet is calm, but the pet grooming can make your pet feel much better physically.

Four Benefits Of Boarding Your Dog At An Outdoor Facility

When you take off for vacation or business and board your dog at a kennel, you may sometimes feel like you’re actually leaving your pet in a jail cell. Conventional boarding kennels that keep their guests locked away indoors can be overwhelming and frightening for dogs away from home, and even the most dedicated staff can only provide so much exercise and stimulation during the day. If you notice your pet’s tail starting to droop when you pack your suitcase, you may be interested in the following four benefits of choosing an outdoor dog boarding facility instead, such as Canine Country Quarters.

3 Ways To Make Boarding Easier On Your Dog

One of the hardest parts about having a dog is leaving him or her behind at a boarding kennel when you leave on vacation, mostly because you may be concerned about your dog feeling lonely or abandoned. However, there are a few steps that you can take to make your dog very comfortable at the boarding facility, such as the three listed below.  Utilize Dog Daycare One of the biggest sources of stress and discomfort for a dog left at a boarding facility is being in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people.

Extra Pet Grooming Services You May Not Know About And Why You May Want Them

Pets are pampered more than children in America. Last year alone pet owners spent $56 million on their pets. If you are a pet owner that cannot help but spoil your fur babies, there is more stuff at the groomer’s  that you can buy to spoil your pets and make them look beautiful. Here are some extra pet grooming services you may not have known about and why you may want them now.

Why Grooming Your Dog Isn't Just Vanity – It's Key To Good Health

Some people think of dog grooming as something that’s just for show dogs. But you wouldn’t go through your life never showering, brushing your teeth, or combing your hair – why would you expect your dog to do the same? Grooming can have a big impact on a dog’s health. If you want your canine companion to stay healthy and happy for as long as possible, it’s important to make grooming a regular part of their life.

Diseases Your Cat Can Spread To You

When your cat catches a serious disease, you might feel at least relieved that you are safe from infection because cat sickness won’t affect you. Unfortunately, many cat diseases are zoonoses, which are diseases that animals can pass to humans. The following diseases are just a sample of zoonose cat diseases. Cat Scratch Fever When your cat scratches or bites you, they can potentially pass on the Bartonella henselae bacteria. This bacteria causes a condition known as cat scratch fever.

Fix That Fur! 4 Reasons To Groom Your Cat

Cats are fastidious creatures. They spend large portions of each day meticulously grooming themselves with tongue and paws, so you might be tempted to think, “I don’t need to groom my cat.” However, proper grooming is essential to your cat’s health and well-being. Here are four reasons you should have your cat groomed: 1. Minimize shedding Cats regularly shed their undercoats. This can leave unwanted fur all over your home, clothes, and furniture.

Should You Enroll Your Dog Into Day Care?

Dog day care can be a dream come true if you work long hours and lack the time to exercise your canine companion. Perhaps you often come home late, only to find your dog hyper, his wagging tale a clear sign that he is eager for an extended session of ball retrieval or a walk in the park, but you are simply too tired for any activity. If a dog does not get enough exercise, they often resort to their own ways to amuse themselves and burn energy, which may include destructive behavior such as mouthing and biting, chewing shoes, nuisance barking or even damaging furniture.

Using A Pet Boarding Facility When You Need To Get Away

If you are in desperate need of a break, you may be considering a vacation to get away from the everyday stresses at home and work. If you have dog that you care for, you need to make arrangements for their well-being while you are away. While it would be nice to bring them along with you, it is not always possible depending on the hotel you are staying in or the activities you plan on doing.