6 Things Your Pet Boarding Facility Should Be Telling You

Does your pet get a "report card" when you get them back? The best pet boarding facilities are going to fill you in on your pet's stay; after all, there may be information that you need to know. Here are some of the things that you should expect to see on your pet's next report. 

1. How Your Pet Ate 

How fast did your pet eat? How much did they eat? Did they throw any of it up? Did they seem to be not hungry? Changes in eating patterns can indicate an illness, and your pet boarding facility doesn't know what your pet's baseline is. 

2. When Your Pet Was Walked or Played With

Is your pet getting interaction throughout the day? Your pet should come back with a log of the times that they were interacted with, such as either being walked or played with. Many facilities today also take a video or photos.

3. Whether Your Pet Played Well With Others

Some animals have very good temperament around other animals. Some animals do not. Your pet's report card should include whether they were able to socialize or whether they were better off being left alone.

4 How Much Water Your Pet Drank

Dehydration can be more serious than not eating. If your pet isn't drinking water, it often indicates that there could be something very wrong with them. Good pet boarding facilities will pay attention to the quantity of water that your pet is drinking throughout the day. If they aren't, they may be missing important symptoms of an illness.

5. When Your Pet Used the Bathroom

This can be just as important as how much your pet ate. Urinary tract infections, blockages, and other issues will usually manifest themselves in erratic bathroom schedules. If your pet seems to be going more or less than it usually does, you may need to get your pet checked by the vet.

6. How Your Pet Slept

Some pets just can't sleep when they don't have their owners with them. If your pet was tossing and turning, you may be relieved to find out about it, rather than being worried about their 20-hour nap once you're home. 

The best-of-the-best pet boarding facilities will give you all of the above information without prompting. In fact, this is one of the ways you can tell a conscientious pet boarding facility from a less careful one.