3 Ways To Prepare Your Dog For A Stay At A Pet Boarding Facility

One of the hardest things for many pet owners to do is leave their dog at a pet boarding facility whenever they need to take a trip, mostly because many people are very protective of their dogs and want to make sure that their dogs are as comfortable and as safe as possible at all times. Listed below are three ways to prepare your dog for a stay at a pet boarding facility that will ensure that your dog is comfortable as possible.

Provide A Bag Of Food

The most important thing that you can do when taking your dog to a boarding facility is to provide a bag of your dog's normal food because many dogs can have issues when switching back and forth between various types of dog food. As a result, if you let your dog have the generally high-quality dog food provided by the kennel, your dog may end up having diarrhea and other stomach issues due to the transition to the new food and then go through all of that all over again when you pick your dog up and switch him or her back over to his normal food. However, simply by providing a bag of your dog's normal food to the kennel, you can ensure that both you and your dog avoid the unpleasant stomach issues entirely.

Bring Your Dog's Bed

While the majority of pet boarding facilities are going to provide comfortable bedding for your dog, it is still a good idea to bring your dog's normal bedding to the boarding facility. Not only will bringing your dogs bedding make your dog more comfortable because he or she is sleeping on something that he or she is used to but it will also have the very familiar scent of home that will put your dog even more at ease.

Tour The Facility With Your Dog Ahead Of Time

Finally, an easy way to prepare your dog for stay at a pet boarding facility is to simply take your dog for a tour of the facility ahead of time. The reason this is so effective is the fact that your dog will feel much more comfortable being left somewhere if he or she has had the time to get familiar with the area. In many cases, a pet boarding facility will be completely fine with you scheduling a visit with your dog in order to simply walk him or her around the facility with one of the boarding facility's staff members in order to familiarize your dog with the environment and some of the people that will be caring for your dog.

Contact a pet boarding facility in your area today in order to discuss their recommended tips for preparing your dog for a stay at their facility. Providing a bag of dog food, bringing your dog's bed, and touring the boarding facility with your dog ahead of time are all very effective ways of preparing your dog for a state a pet boarding facility. Check out a facility like Barrington Oaks North Animal Clinic to get started.