Using A Pet Boarding Facility When You Need To Get Away

If you are in desperate need of a break, you may be considering a vacation to get away from the everyday stresses at home and work. If you have dog that you care for, you need to make arrangements for their well-being while you are away. While it would be nice to bring them along with you, it is not always possible depending on the hotel you are staying in or the activities you plan on doing. Here are the benefits in opting for pet boarding to help you decide if it is the right option for your situation.

Constant Care

Leaving your pet at a boarding facility will give you the peace of mind that there is around the clock coverage in care. Someone is at the facility at all times, checking on the pets to make sure they are all safe and healthy. You will not need to worry that your dog has gotten into trouble that they are barking for help with no one there to hear them.

Dietary Needs

Your dog will follow whatever schedule you specify for feeding. Let the boarding facility know what your wants are regarding mealtimes and they will follow your directions. You will be able to bring in your own food supply for your dog so they will not be caught off guard with food they are not used to eating.

Medical Assistance

If your dog needs medical care, a veterinarian is either on the premises or a phone call away. The caregivers at the pet boarding facility will be able to get your pet medical help right away, if needed. If your pet is taking medication, the facility is able to administer it according to your specifications.

Fellow Friends

Your dog may enjoy having exercising time with other dogs in the facility. This also allows them to have socialization, minimizing the chance of depression. If your dog is not comfortable with other dogs, the caregivers will give them individualized attention away from other pets, so they will still have plenty of interaction with people while you are away.

Grooming Service

Several pet boarding facilities also offer grooming services to pamper your pet while they is visiting. Your dog will enjoy having a bath, their nails clipped, flea treatments, and a variety of other amenities for you to select if you wish. Opt for this service and pick up your pooch while they are all clean and refreshed, saving you from the trouble of needing to do pet grooming right after you return.

Contact a local facility, like Evergreen Kennels, to find the amenities in your area.