Extra Pet Grooming Services You May Not Know About And Why You May Want Them

Pets are pampered more than children in America. Last year alone pet owners spent $56 million on their pets. If you are a pet owner that cannot help but spoil your fur babies, there is more stuff at the groomer's  that you can buy to spoil your pets and make them look beautiful. Here are some extra pet grooming services you may not have known about and why you may want them now.

Stenciling and Chalking

You know that craze where kids and adults use hair chalks to color their hair bright, rainbow hues? Well, now your pooch or kitty can get some punk color too. Along with chalking, which is regularly added to the ears and tail, your furball can get stenciling on his or her fur. The groomer wets down the fur in one area, holds a stencil over the wet fur, and then uses non-toxic makeup powder/chalk to fill in the stencil on your pet.

You can choose everything from sports balls to hearts and flowers, and your pet wears the stencil like a temporary tattoo until it wears off or until your pet's next bath. Most people choose to do both stenciling and chalking for special occasions, like to decorate the dog for Superbowl or spruce up the cat for his or her birthday.

Nail Polish/Caps

In addition to stenciling and chalking, your groomer can add nail polish to your dog's nails or use nail caps. Cats cannot get the nail polish because of their licking, biting and chewing behavior, but they can don nail caps.

The nail polish is pretty straightforward; it is painted on the dog's nails after the nails are clipped and filed. The nail caps are applied with an adhesive gel, but they look exactly like nail polish because you can get them in any color and in many glittery shades too. The added benefit to the nail caps is that they prevent the damage commonly associated with a clawing or scratching pet.

Oral Hygiene

If you do not have time to brush your pet's teeth and you bring your pet in for some sort of grooming service almost weekly, you can request teeth brushing from your groomer. Although this should be done more regularly, having your groomer do it a few times a month will provide a little help in this department. If you have a new puppy, this service provided by a qualified groomer will also help your puppy get used to the sensation and idea of objects in his or her mouth that are not food and prevent behavioral issues from arising when you are ready to start oral care at home. 

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