Four Benefits Of Boarding Your Dog At An Outdoor Facility

When you take off for vacation or business and board your dog at a kennel, you may sometimes feel like you're actually leaving your pet in a jail cell. Conventional boarding kennels that keep their guests locked away indoors can be overwhelming and frightening for dogs away from home, and even the most dedicated staff can only provide so much exercise and stimulation during the day. If you notice your pet's tail starting to droop when you pack your suitcase, you may be interested in the following four benefits of choosing an outdoor dog boarding facility instead, such as Canine Country Quarters.

Boarding Your Dog in a Safe and Fun Environment

Rather than sitting in the corner of a kennel waiting for you to return, dogs boarded at an outdoor facility will have plenty of opportunities to explore and play in a spacious and securely fenced area. Many dogs thrive when allowed to choose their own schedule, heading outside to play and then inside again for naps and dinner. This level of freedom helps distract dogs from the absence of their owners, making your time away seem less long and traumatic. 

Letting Dogs Choose Their Level of Socialization

Indoor facilities are typically limited in space, meaning dogs let loose to exercise must often stay within close proximity of each other. This isn't a problem when everyone is getting along, but if there is a bully in the mix or simply a disagreement, spats can turn into real fights. Large, open areas outdoors avoid this issue by giving dogs as much space as they need to feel comfortable. Your pet may prefer to snooze in the sun alone or dive into the nearest dog-pile, but it should never feel cramped or crowded. 

Providing New Smells and Experiences

Almost all dogs love going somewhere new. The smells and sights and new friends can keep a dog sniffing away happily for hours, learning about the world and everything in it. While the inside of an indoor kennel usually just smells like dogs, cleaning solutions, and dog food, outdoor areas offer all the alluring aromas of nature to keep your pet preoccupied. 

Giving Your Dog Its Own Vacation

No pet owner likes to think of their dog miserably waiting for its master to return. When you leave your pet at an outdoor facility, you can relax and focus on your own trip, secure in the knowledge that your dog is happy, exercising, and enjoying a vacation of its own. With any luck, you will both return home feeling better than you left and looking forward to your next vacation.