Should You Enroll Your Dog Into Day Care?

Dog day care can be a dream come true if you work long hours and lack the time to exercise your canine companion. Perhaps you often come home late, only to find your dog hyper, his wagging tale a clear sign that he is eager for an extended session of ball retrieval or a walk in the park, but you are simply too tired for any activity.

If a dog does not get enough exercise, they often resort to their own ways to amuse themselves and burn energy, which may include destructive behavior such as mouthing and biting, chewing shoes, nuisance barking or even damaging furniture.

Why you should consider dog day care

Many of today's dogs suffer from lack of proper exercise, stimulation and socialization, which can result in depression, anxiety or destructive behavior. Dog day care offers your canine a chance to have fun and socialize with his canine pals as well as other people.

A dog day care facility may also provide other services that would improve your canine's mental and physical health such as training, de-worm, de-flea and grooming services. The socialization aspect of dog day care can translate to a less aggressive, happier dog that behaves better in public.

A dog should never have to go for lengthy periods without a potty break. Asking your dog to do so can lead to incontinence as they get older, not to mention the occasional unpleasant messes you would have to deal with when you get home. If you usually have to work long hours and aren't available to give your dog a potty break, it is best to enroll them in a day care service.

Who should go to day care?

Unfortunately, dog day care is not suited for every canine. Overly aggressive dogs, as well as those that are too protective of food and toys, may be denied enrollment to most day care services, or may require special behavioral training before being let in. If your dog does not enjoy interacting with other dogs, day care is likely to be very unpleasant for them, and could actually result in them becoming more reactive- aggressive.

Dogs with medical conditions should also not be subjected to the rough-and-tumble play at a day care service, as they simply lack the energy and interest to engage in extreme social interaction. An assessment to determine your dog's suitability for day care should be performed prior to enrollment.

If you own a young, high energy dog that loves interacting with other dogs, and does not suffer from any health issues that would preclude active play, then day care can be a good alternative especially if you lack the time you would like to devote to play and social exposure for your dog.