Preparing Your Nervous Dog For Boarding

All dogs have their own temperaments. For those dogs with a laidback approach to life, boarding is easy, but for those dogs with a more nervous or anxious personality, boarding can be quite a challenge. However, there is a way around this struggle. Learn about some of the things you can do to make boarding your nervous dog easier.

Set Aside Kennel Time

One thing that can always soothe a nervous and anxious animal is a feeling of normalcy. The more you can make your dog feel like nothing has changed, the less anxious the animal will feel while you're away. To help with this goal, start carving out some time in the day to put your dog in their kennel. 

As your dog spends more time in the kennel, he or she will start to feel more comfortable inside. The goal is that by the time you do have to board the animal, they will look at the kennel as a familiar space and feel more comfortable when inside, even if you're away.

Schedule a Visit

It's never a good idea to simply take a dog to a boarding facility they've never had the opportunity to visit before, especially when it comes to a nervous dog. Once you've researched different facilities and made your decision, contact a staff member to see if you can schedule a visit for your dog to visit. 

While the visit does not have to be long, you should let your dog spend at least a couple of hours there with you right by their side. This experience will let the dog know that it's a safe place. 

Maintain a Feeding Schedule

Boarding facilities are here to take care of your pet, and they have no problem implementing whatever guidelines you have in place, including feeding schedules. To help keep your nervous dog calm, it's a good idea to ask the staff to feed your dog on the same schedule that he or she follows at home, and to feed the dog the same food you do at home.

In an unfamiliar environment, your dog will take comfort in the fact that they are eating in the same way they do when they are home. Keep in mind; if you want your dog to eat the same food as at home, you will likely have to bring the food with you.

Remember, what's most important is that you follow through. Follow these tips and commit to making dog boarding easier for your pet.